Guy on Outdoor Family Hike Adventure in Ithaca New York

Houston doesn’t have the perfect mountains for a family hike, but upstate New York most definitely does!

I’m a proud Texan, through and through. It almost seems like a requirement to love everything (or at least most of everything) about such a marvelous state, but I guess I can admit that other places are nice as well. On a trip to upstate New York we went on a family hike and throughout the entire day I was able to capture some gorgeous moments. Between the scenery, the laughs, and being awe-struck there were plenty of moments that I forgot my legs were on fire from climbing up a mountain.

Have you ever gone on a family hike or anything adventurous like this? I’d love to hear from you!

Man standing at top of waterfall at Treman State Park during family hike by Chic Jae Portrait Photography

Couple standing at top of upstate New York waterfall with their dog during their family hike

Destination lifestyle session captures family hike Dad peeking around the corner of crevice

Treman Park Gorge lifestyle session in Ithaca National Park


At this point I was experimenting with film again after not using it for quite some time (we’re talking years here) and the image below of myself was done with Portra 400. I have two 35mm and strongly encourage anyone to pick one up, and go shoot the next time you’re out and about.

Black woman sitting on log during family hike in Ithaca, NY Portra 400 35mm

Here’s me not looking like the death I felt lol Click the photo to read more about me

Engineer print of cliffside in upstate NY during family hike

I loved a shot so much that I got it printed out to hang in my own apartment! Printed art isn’t just something I “push” on clients. They hold a pride that you can look at and instantly be overjoyed with. You can stay up to date with behind the scenes action from trips like this family hike by following me over on Instagram and Facebook (but mostly IG).