At Chic Jae I provide luxury photography and print services. It’s my goal to only give you the best, with both luxury photography as well as print services, and that’s why I offer my guidance throughout the process. From inquiry to delivering your beautiful art, as a full service photographer, I will have you covered. Taking care of you and being a quality investment are things I take great pride in, and I’m confident you’ll love the outcome. 

I truly hope you’re as excited about your experience as I am!

Why do I call it an experience? Because that’s exactly what it is, no exaggeration.
My goal with every single session is to always ensure that my clients have the ultimate good time and to make sure, I’ve created a simple journey for you, whether it’s for your wedding,  my client, to experience.

The beginning starts with a pre-session consultation either in person, preferably over coffee, or via phone (if absolutely necessary). This time is valuable for you because this is when you have the opportunity of telling me more about yourself, and in the process I get to hear all about the vision you have for your session. Once you secure your booking date with your retainer fee, we will go over the plans, tweaking what’s necessary to make sure your session goes successfully.

On the actual day of your session everything will have already been ironed out due to us having met prior, and therefore leaves us to only have to focus on getting the best photographs of you! Having spoken and laughed together already helps to ease everything to a point where you hopefully feel as if you’re working with a friend.
I aim to set the tone early, so that your comfort can be prioritized. You won’t have to stress about posing or about what to do about that obviously fake smile we all tend to give in awkward situations. I’ve got you covered!

Houston's Meyer Park Photo Session for Graduating Senior by Houston Photographer Chic Jae

After the session, your part is largely done. I will edit your photographs, choosing the absolute best, and prepare them for your upcoming viewing. Approximately two to three weeks afterwards (depending on your session type), we will meet once more for the grand reveal. Personally, these are my favorite, second only to the session itself. I’ll present you with a collection of your photos through a custom slideshow and I’ll help you via special software choose what wall art is best for your home or office.
You can take a look at the gorgeous custom artwork options here.

Once your order is placed, all there’s left to do is await the arrival of your beautiful prints.

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Standing at top of waterfall in Ithaca New York Film Print by Chic Jae Portrait Photography

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