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Photos of my older sister as a child before I was born, my Ma as a teenager, the great grands that I never met, and an assortment of myself and cousins cover the walls. From vintage Black & White images to candid shots, they’re all framed and displayed with pride by my Granny, a woman who loves showing off her family. For the ones that aren’t framed, she has albums on top of albums, so she can flip through and tell us stories about the memories locked in time. I’ve always been in love with that. My grandparents home, with that den in particular, is one of my favorite places in the world.

Why? Because it's an environment with love framed on it's walls.

With the digital age came a change in how many handled their memories, and now after a session you could possibly be handed a cd full of images; and what do you do with it?

Usually, it ends up collecting dust for years to come, which isn’t how you want your precious memories to end.

And that’s exactly why I offer something infinitely more meaningful, tangible, and personal; custom wall art and prints.


Custom Artwork Gold Framed Print of Bride wearing custom eco friendly babys breath flower crown surrounded by lavender
Folio Box depicting Maternity Photography Session in Houston Texas by Chic Jae Portrait Photography
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