How does your child’s portraits hanging on a wall affect your little ones?

Many of us can think back to our childhood homes, or at least  relatives home, where we could look up and see familiar faces framed on the wall. That feeling of belonging actually isn’t just nostalgia, believe it or not. For years it’s been theorized that your child’s portraits, as well as portraits of other loved ones, placed in areas easily viewed by children makes them feel secure. It isn’t a far fetched theory when we think about it. Their portraits hanging in their room, in the living area where a family congregates, on a side table at an entry way gives a child a feeling of being treasured. It quietly reassures them that they are safe and a part of a unit that is proud to have them.

When your child passes by your family portraits, they see the love you have for them, and a message is always relayed.

That message is,”You, my dear one, are precious and not only are you important, but you are immensely loved. Your existence matters to us! We feel this so much that we’ve given you your own special place on the wall of our home, but it doesn’t end there. Just like you have a special place here, you have a special place in the world, and we want to keep you uplifted so you know that.”


You already send that message in a number of ways.
Let’s add one more.





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