I’m an aunt if you didn’t know with the multiple posts about my niece on my Instagram. I love her, she’s a cool baby, and somehow I have a dedicated memory card of portraits of her.
It happens, man.

African American and Nigerian Baby Close Up Portrait At 6 months

Look. At. This. Face *swoons*

Why Celebrate Your Child’s Milestones?

Since her birth I’ve been made aware that children grow up faster than you think AND they do the craziest/cutest things almost daily! Frequently I talk about capturing memories and due to my specialties that usually involves a few days or mostly just one day. That day is amazing, true, but it’s still one day. With children things are very different! Their first birthday shouldn’t be the first time you document any milestones. By that time they could be murmuring, crawling, laughing, getting their first tooth, trying new foods, and so many things that we absolutely don’t want to miss. I’m not a parent, but I get so excited when she does something I’d never seen her before, and I’m just her amazing Aunt who she loves so much (she told me this, I swear). I can only imagine how much these things matter to the people who birth them, who care for them daily, and who’s love journey started well before their baby was born.

We took a trip to my Dad’s hometown and it just so happened that my nieces first two teeth came in!
On this very ordinary weekend, she reached a somewhat unpredictable milestone and I was so thankful that I had my camera to capture the joy on her Mama’s face when she first discovered them.

Black Mother and Her Baby Smiling With Mama fixing the baby's hat while sitting in hotel room
I say this to say…don’t miss out.
Why should you celebrate your child’s milestones? Because they come around once and the milestone from last week can be totally different come the next.

Maybe you don’t have a sister who’s a pro photog, but there are photographers who offer milestone sessions where they photograph your child monthly. And for those in between moments, pick up a camera for the candids. Your iPhone may not be the same caliber and you may not know anything about the exposure triangle, BUT you should still give it a go (do it for the gram…or just for your own personal collection). There are plenty of resources available on how to take pretty good photos of your little ones in those crazy moments that kids seem to deliver at the most unexpected time.

Basically, celebrate every little thing.
Capture them all.
Whether it’s monthly with a pro, daily with your phone, weekly with video.

Just don’t let your child’s days slide by and celebrate your child’s milestones.

(And now photos of my niece because I have no shame and I love her little face/big personality)

The love on her Mama’s face <3

If you knew my sister, you would immediately understand where she gets this from lol