Meet Your Photographer


My name is Allison (most call me Allie)

I’m a Houston based portrait photographer available for worldwide travel.

To Expound:

I’m a Steel Magnolia born & raised in the great state of Texas. Lover of the Arts, Good Music, & a Friend to All Things Geeky. When I’m not photographing your loveliness, I’m all about watching obscure documentaries, visiting the museum, or trying to find more ways to spoil my cutie pie niece. I’m crazy in love with adventures and laughing louder than normal people. I’m the weirdo who mostly only cries in happy moments, and basks in those moments because they give me joy.
I’m a tea drinking, Disney obsessed, cinephile, who laughs at her own jokes and still doesn’t understand the concept of shame.


Signed Allie J Learn More About my Portrait Photography

When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them.


So many photographers, due to the heavy use of social media, only offer digital files because that’s what our desire to post nice photos tells us we want. For me, printed art isn’t dead, and should never take the backseat. Printed photographs of grandparents, my one month old niece, my boyfriend as a child way before we met. Those photos, of things we couldn’t witness, of times we need to remember, of smiles we won’t ever see again are what we have at the end of the day. Are we not all in the same position? That understanding is why I do what I do.

That’s why I started Chic Jae.

Photography goes beyond owning a camera and shooting it.
It is the only medium that allows us to capture not only the image of a time, but also the feeling, and the essence. As nostalgic creatures, we need that.
And I want to ensure it’s properly provided.

Think we’d get along perfectly? Head over to my contact page and give me a little info about yourself & the plans you have for your future (whether love wise or business wise)

Talk Soon! xo Allie

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